Sex and longevity

The choice is yours… On the flip side, some of the health benefits in having sex are: In fact, recent studies show that light to moderate drinking can reduce your risk of cardiovascular death. The tendency of medical professionals to interpret the result in terms of the biochemistry of orgasm has been tempered, as it became clear that sex with a partner, with or without orgasm, has benefits above masturbation [ ref ]. But for women in this study, telomere length was related only to the frequency of sex, and not to the quality of relationship, or to relationship satisfaction. It burns calories, increases blood flow and gets the heart pumping. Butler says he wants to spark a national walking movement. Despite the research, "differences in life expectancy are something that we just take for granted," says Shiriki Kumanyika, associate dean, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and an Institute of Medicine panel member. Loving-kindness is associated with longer telomeres.

Sex and longevity

The opposite finding suggests a missing link in the causal chain. These factors may account for at least a part of the female advantage in human life expectancy. How HIV plays out its affects on sex differences in mortality is another lively research area. There is also continued interest in heart disease differences in treatment, symptoms, and biological factors such as hormones, says Waldron, as well as in childhood mortality and the affects of sex discrimination. The decline is strong for both sexes, and that also reduces the longevity gap. For example, while not citing specific reasons, the United Kingdom's Government Actuary's Department reports that in , a man was expected to live until nearly 69; a woman, Some 50 years later, when disco started taking over the land, the gap had expanded three-fold, to more than seven years. But she has also brought us positive messages: Again, the investigators themselves were surprised. Earlier studies have shown that red wine may have an additional heath benefit because the polyphenolic compounds found in the darker beverage counter the build-up of fatty tissue in the arteries that can lead to strokes or heart attacks. Is there a biological reason for this? Mortality due to TB dropped after , more so among men than women. There are several biological mechanisms that may contribute to explaining why females live longer than men on average, but the complexity of the human life experience makes research examining the contribution of any single factor for the female advantage difficult. Medical care has become more evidence-based, and there is a much better chance that the doctor who treats your condition has a deep knowledge and experience of that condition. One is to simply do everything you can to make it last as long as possible. This entry was posted in Uncategorized by Josh Mitteldorf. This discrepancy set up a selection effect; many flu deaths were among those with TB. This would not indicate that there's a permanent protective advantage. And my own advice to folks is about one drink a day. That may not be related to sex, but to the fact that, in couples, there is someone looking out for you, particularly if you get sick. Instead, he promotes a balanced lifestyle that includes lots of relaxation and exercise to reduce the stress and strain of our lives. The result added to evidence that goes back at least 20 years. But even more than in other fields of social science, there are contradictory results and inconsistencies that thwart anyone trying to tell a neat story. Possibly the most balanced is one of, well, balance. But Butler is skeptical about dietary supplements to increase life expectancy. This is a morality tale if I ever heard one.

Sex and longevity

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    It is "very unusual," notes Anderson, to see female life expectancy lower than that of men, and when it does happen, it is due to high maternal mortality during childbirth.


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