Best sex horror movies

Call it pretentious and call it indulgent if you wish, Neon Demon is also pretty, unflinchingly gruesome, and purposely provocative. Tom Six made a sequel even more grotesque than the original. Another Robert Rodriguez film on this list? The fugitive and murderous Gecko brothers, Seth George Clooney and Richie Tarantino , are on the run from the Feds——something about robbing banks and slaughtering innocents and taking hostages——when they find themselves in Mexico, at a tasteless peeler bar called the Titty Twister. And later, most memorably, Cherry Darling will have a machine gun prosthetic leg that she puts to good and provocative use.

Best sex horror movies

A stunning to look at and thrilling to think about throwback to the Technicolor melodramas of the swinging 60s and the sexploitation cinema that supervened, The Love Witch stars a smashing Samantha Robinson as Elaine, the eponymous witch. Many of the films listed here are polarizing, which should come as a shock to no one. Certainly not for all tastes, this go-for-broke assault on the senses hinges on a twist ending that might be too much for some viewers and the relentless nature of the film, very close to self-flagellation for non-genre fans, will be much too much to swallow for the typical viewer. Eroticism is a striking feature of so many classics and cult movies, whether forming a small part of the overall experience or more explicitly focused. Wish-fulfillment sex and violence make for fascinating bedfellows and always have, and this list will please both genre fans and those looking for a chilling provocation. A suitably amorous and atmospheric score from Cliff Martinez helps the alternately sensual and eerie film unfold with the right amount of hallucinatory expression to this beauty-obsessed tale of exploitation. The acclaimed filmmaker had become a cheap pornographer, according to some. A similar film that almost made this list but will at least get a mention here is Ginger Snaps , a werewolf variation with Katharine Isabelle as the menacing babe. Planet Terror What? A superior remake of a s cult gem. He is the author of a monograph on Mario Bava's classic horror film, " Black Sunday. One of the most disgusting films ever made. And later, most memorably, Cherry Darling will have a machine gun prosthetic leg that she puts to good and provocative use. A very sexy film, it must be said. Some things have to be endured. The Human Centipede II: The sex is played for gruesome laughs, with the infamous threesome sequence, complemented by a romantic love theme. And a few that are just gross. At this bar, spoiler alert, the denizens who dwell within are vampires, but truly the only one of them that matters is star stripper Santanico Pandemonium Salma Hayek. The line is deliberately blurred. Between fears and pleasures of the flesh. But High Tension shrewdly upends convention, destroying tropes with alacrity, messing with lesbian college girlfriend curiosity conceits and home invasion hysteria with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the junk. Follow the author , Twitter, and view more articles. Something of an icon, former Las Vegas showgirl and pin-up centerfold, Dyanne Thorne is best known as Ilsa and her frequent pairings with director Jess Franco reaped many raunchy and ribald rewards. Doug Bradley as Pinhead, the pope of pain and pleasure beyond the flesh.

Best sex horror movies

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